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Intel Cluster Maths Kernel Library

Category of Software 
What isThe Intel Cluster Maths Kernel Library provides optimised implementations of mathematics routines for engineering, scientific and financial programs.
How to useThe example here under shows how it can be used to compile and execute an eigenvalue sample program provided with that library.

How to compile code using the MKL

Note that we compile and run in one script.

Example on how to compile and run using the MKL
#$ -S /bin/sh
#$ -cwd
module load intel cmkl
cd /opt/sw/intel/cmkl/9.1.023/examples/lapack/source
# compiles code into a directory $HOME/work which should exist before beginning
 ifort -o $HOME/work/ssterfx.$$ -L$LD_LIBRARY_PATH -lmkl_lapack -lmkl -lpthread -lm ssterfx.f
# run the code you just compiled
$HOME/work/ssterfx.$$ </opt/sw/intel/cmkl/9.1.023/examples/lapack/data/ssterfx.d
#clean up afterwards
#rm -f $HOME/work/ssterfx.$$
SSTERF Example Program Results
    -7.0037 -0.4059  2.0028  8.9968




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