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MonARCH (Monash Advanced Research Computing Hybrid) is the next-generation HPC/HTC Cluster, designed from the ground up to address the emergent and future needs of the Monash HPC community.

A key feature of MonARCH is that it is provisioned through R@CMon, the Research Cloud @ Monash facility. Through the use of advanced cloud technology, MonARCH is able to configure and grow dynamically. As with any HPC cluster, MonARCH presents a single point-of-access to computational researchers to run calculations on its constituent servers.

MonARCH aims to continually develop over time. Currently, it consists of 35 servers under two complementary hardware specifications:

  • high-core servers - two Haswell CPU sockets with a total of 24 physical cores (or 48 hyperthreaded cores) at 2.80 GHz
  • high-speed servers - two Haswell CPU sockets with a total of 16 physical cores (or 32 hyperthreaded cores) at 3.20 GHz

For data storage, we have deployed a parallel file system service using Intel Enterprise Lustre; providing over 300 TB usable storage with room for future expansion.

The MonARCH service is operated by the Monash HPC team and continuing technical and operational support from the Monash Cloud team, and eSolutions Servers-and-Storage, and Networks teams.

If you have found the MonARCH useful for your research, we will be very grateful if you kindly acknowledge us with a text along the lines of:

This research was supported in part by the Monash eResearch Centre and eSolutions-Research Support Services through the use of the MonARCH HPC Cluster.


Applying for Access

MonARCH is available to all Monash Researchers. To apply for access, please visit this access page for self service instructions.  For any assistance, please email,


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